Alegations surface along with the light crude oil.

BP didn’t have the permits required for drilling.

The size of the spill is being under-reported. Hint: How well did we count the Florida ballots in 2000?

But, BP says the spill is … tiny compared to the size of the ocean.

Barclays Bank has some stock advice. Buy Stock in BP before the oil spew stops. Or maybe we’re supposed to buy derivitives.

The court battles have started. The owner of the drilling rig is already in court. Asks the court to limit financial liability for the spew to just … $27 million. Quotes 1851 law to cover its azz.

But, it’s not ‘our’ fault. BP blames Transocean who blames BP …

And experts don’t really know … Where’s the Oil? Sort of a take off on “Where’s the Beef?” But the question is more serious. If there has been such a huge leak, why aren’t Gulf Coast beaches black with oil?

So we’re left with some questions of our own. Why did gas prices jump up if this well isn’t in production? Will BP or some other corporation actually pay for the spill or just raise … gas prices? We’ll have to check those record profits and bottom lines at the end of the year. We’re guessing the industry makes more money than ever before.