The Republicans are eating their own again. Nothing really new. However, it is fun to watch. (Nathan Deal gets backhanded credit for the attacks on Karen Handel. Perdue gets off the hook for now.)

The PeachPundit starts out in this post by covering the lastest Perdue scandal. Until the Karen Handel discussion starts getting heated.

Handel has padded her resume’ just like local Hero Casey Cagle. Handels resume’ is pretty decent without all the lemon oil polish. Cagle just claims a couple college degrees and a fake business or two.

Here’s the Handel remark that caught my eye.

“She also put herself through as much college as she could afford before starting a career that would see her rise rapidly through corporate America (including CIBA Vision and accounting firm KPMG) and Republican politics.

From a job at Hallmark Cards corporate offices in Washington, D.C., Karen was recruited to work in the Bush-Quayle White House, eventually becoming Deputy Chief of Staff. In that capacity, she managed office operations and spearheaded Mrs. Quayle’s breast cancer awareness and research campaign, which ultimately led to the founding of the Susan G. Komen Washington ‘Race for the Cure.’

After the White House, Karen served as an executive with KPMG and later with CIBA Vision. ”


We need a Joe Wilson moment (“She lied”). She wasn’t an executive at KPMG, she was the marketing director for the ATL office. This was a do-nothing position that reported to the local managing partner. Without a college degree she wasn’t qualified to be a staff consultant, yet she claims she was an executive.

She goes on to imply she was the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Bush/Quayle administration. She was the Deputy Chief of Staff for Mrs. Quayle.

If she applied to any corporation and they caught her embellishing her resume like she does on her web site, she would never get a job offer. This says a lot about her lack of ethics. On the other hand, given her weak resume I guess we should give her a pass for lying.