In the race to replace Mr. Hawkins, a Libertarian candidate made a very strong showing, Brandon Givens.

Mr Givens was very well spoken, polite, and had researched the facts. When we met, Givens was at a forum for the illiterate voter, moderated by the Hall County Hollar, Martha Zoeller.

It looked very painful as Givens tried to get down to the level of the audience while trying to unravel a subject in the twisted questions. The scene nearly became a free for all when Zoeller and the crowd interrupted Givens several times.

Givens showed poise by waiting out the crude and rude audience and the ‘moderater.’

A Libertarian candidate usually gets less that 4% of the vote. Givens took home 8%, twice the expected total.

Well done, The Dag!

p.s. Dag is Australian for ‘manly man.’