So what’s a conservative or liberal democratic voter to do today?  Yes there is an election today, and next month, and next month, etc…

Here is what is at stake:

There is a possibility that the 9th District U.S. Congressman may not reside in the Gainesville, Hall County area.  Is that a bad thing?


Second, we could be seeing a new momentum in the tea bagger party with the election of Tom Graves. 

Of course, democratic voters could choose to vote for Democratic candidate Mike Freeman, but since he failed to qualify for the July ballot what would be the point.

Ashley Bell (only elected democratic candidate in our area) has already announced via Facebook that he would vote for Lee Hawkins and Butch Miller.  Not sure of his reasoning, but here is mine:

Gainesville is the largest population area in the 9th district.  It is also very conservative.  With redistricting facing the General Assembly it is likely that this area will see another congressional district.  Republicans know that the largest potential of conservative voters exist in Hall County (84 % Republican).  Meaning it will be on the chopping block to shore up the other districts in this area.  Rev. James Mills know this, and that is why he is supporting Mr. Tom Graves.  A Graves election would mean a new congressional district cut from South Hall area, opening up the right reverend to challenge Mr. Graves two years from now.  Of course that also means two open state representative seats in this area, but it is doubtful that a democratic candidate could win either seat.

So, this year you have two choices:  Hold your nose and vote for Lee Hawkins or bet it all on Tom Graves.  Your choice, but if you don’t vote you can’t complain.