We get one less neighborhood school.

Sonny Perdue got a cool $100,000 tax credit. He got a cheap $21 million dollar loan for his ‘farm businesses’ in Houston County with hardly any collateral. He gets a$9 million dollars horse barn in his Houston county. And, a $100 million dollar highway next to his ‘property’ in Houston County. Plus, that infamous Go Fish bass fishing legacy and a $22 million fish hatchery, in Houston County. Plus a cool $10 million for a College Football Hall of Fame. He gave tax credits to Hollywood Film Producers. He took two trips to China on your dime in 2008. Oddly timed to the 2008 Olympics. And a trip to Cuba because ““Georgia is strategically located to Cuba.” We must be able to see it from Perdue’s office, somewhat like Sarah Palin learned her international politics while watching Russia from Alaska.

The business tax went negative under Perdue. Refunds to corporations!

The average corporate refund last month[October 2009] was $13,800, up from $9,925 in October 2008. Not only did the average refund increase, however, but the department issued 700 more corporate refunds than a year ago.

Georgia also has Economic Development offices staffed in 10 countries.

Let’s name them.





Europe (Munich)





United Kingdom


But nothing for the Chicken Capital of the World and Jones Elementary School. Our thanks to the Hall County Legislative Delegation, all Republicans, who took an oath to vote the Party Line*.

*The GOP can order its members to vote a “caucus position.” If 2/3 of the GOP caucus supports a bill or resolution, the leadership can ‘order’ the rest of the GOP to vote 100% party line.