Still nothing new on the right.  Just more coded words and shifting allegiances.

From an AJC blog by Jim Galloway. Galloway gets slammed as a “Liberal” all the time. So be advised of ‘possible bias’ as the reason this is being brought out. Especially the comments about the “Cause” and “he ain’t from around yere.”

U.S. Rep. Tom Price (R-Roswell) this morning switched his support in the race for governor from his House colleague Nathan Deal to former secretary of state Karen Handel.

The announcement should come as no surprise. Price and Handel share a north Fulton County political base, and Deal is toting a great deal of baggage. Even so, Deal’s response was sharp:

“As a native Georgian, I was brought up to believe that a person’s word is his bond, which is why I’m grateful to the conservative Georgians who’ve remained loyal to our cause. It’s their support that has made me the only Republican with a 7-point lead over Roy Barnes.”

In other words, Price ain’t from around here. The three-term congressman is originally from Michigan, and so can’t be trusted anyway.

You have to admit that “as a native Georgian” and “loyal to our cause” make for an interesting pairing of phraseology, with plenty of history behind it.