Ever hear the one about America is losing its wealthy? It’s not a joke as it’s become a theme of some writers in Fortune Magazine. There’s even an acronym, HENRYs. High Earners Not Rich Yet.

Wanna be a HENRY? You’ll have to earn at least $250,000 per year but not more than $500,000.

And, you’ll have to save at least a cool $1 to $2 million dollars by retirement.

And those are the Not Rich … Yets. The basic take on the HENRY’s? They are over taxed and over stressed by the ‘recession’ and facing hardships in retirement.

With 10% unemployment a fixed feature in Hall County and Georgia, do we see HENRYs at the Labor Department “Career Centers?”

Not very likely. HENRYs are usually doctors and partnership level lawyers, according to the writers. Can that be since most doctors have employment contracts? Well, these folks are also in other professions like real estate brokers, accountants, and maybe authors for Fortune Magazine or members of Congress …

Like the author said, these people were never going to get rich.

“What looked like a far from luxurious retirement — even in the good times, they could forget about getting rich — is now looking even more modest.”

If doctors, lawyers, accountants can forget about ever being rich, what does the author really think about teachers, bank tellers, and fire fighters? That author never says.

I guess those groups of people can forget about getting rich or having fianancial magazines document their hardships.

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