The General Assembly had already increased property taxes on every homeowner, including the elderly, when they cut the homestead exemption grant from the budget in 2009.

Didn’t you see your property tax bill jump?

The General Assembly created a new tax on the sick and the elderly, the hospital bed tax.

Who will pay that if not the sick and the elderly? Either directly or indirectly through increased health insurance premiums.

Are you ready to pay your share?

The General Assembly also has created 12 new tax districts. These districts can vote on increasing their own sales tax rates. An odd way to raise state for road builing. The elderly and every one else will pay the new sales taxes. So every purchase of socks, shoes, and shirts will help build bridges and road. Smooth ones at that.

The General Assembly is going to let your car tags go up $10 bucks. The money might go to Grady Hospital or a trauma center hospital. It won’t go towards routine medical care of grandma and grandpa. They get the tax but the benefit goes to hospitals.

The General Assembly is overhauling your property taxes. Cutting your savings from the homestead exemption wasn’t enough. Plus each county just got an unfunded mandate to do annual property tax assessments. Who will pay for the unfunded mandate and all the costs of annual assessments, including mailing? You and Grandma.

And the most cowardly increase in taxes? At the very last-minute, in the dark of night, as an amendment to an unrelated bill, a tax credit for the poor and elderly was cut. The tax credit had been in place since 1988. So the elderly poor, who pay property taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes, hospital bed taxes, gasoline taxes, 911 fees, and all the other taxes hidden as fees on phone bills and utility bills, got bad news. That $20 a year tax credit, a credit used to offset all the hidden taxes, is gone. Done

Christmas came early for the State of Georgia.

Please send your thank you notes in November to incumbents.