Apology to Kevin Costner and Hollywood

Immigration or migration infiltrated the headlines from Arizona and John McCain’s re-election campaign.Arizona’s Governor passed what might be the toughest immigration law in the nation. McCain flip-flopped and now supports a move towards the dreaded “Papers, please” European state. [Papers, please might be the only English the police know in France.]

It’s time to stop the whispers, “If you hire them, they will come … ” Stop whispering and start shouting!

When a business hires an illegal, the business breaks the existing laws. If we’re going to give corporations human rights under the Constitution, treat corporations like criminals when necessary.

Immigrants do send the kids to public schools, emergency rooms, and social programs. But they come here for the jobs.

“Immigration is greatly facilitated by networks that connect immigrants with jobs, help them integrate, and move on with their lives in the United States. And of course, they come for jobs,” Batalova said.