There are all kinds of rumors circulating. 

First, Michael Parker confirmed to me yesterday that he is indeed running against Mr. James Mills.  Good luck Mr. Parker.  It will be a hard row to hoe, but you can do it.  Just keep reminding people of the affair between our state representatives and lobbyist.  Richardson may be gone, but his ghost lives on.  Hope you have some tough skin, because Mills will throw everything including the kitchen sink at you.

Second, Chad Cobb may be or may not be running against Carl Rogers.  Cobb may some noise recently in the wake of the proposed closing of Jones Elementary School.  Cobb would be a fresh face for District 26.  He is outside of the city and not a career politician.  Good luck to you.  Rogers is one the laziest legislators that we have in this area, and we need him out of there.

Third, there is a rumor that there will be a democratic challenger in the South Hall Commission race.  At present, it isn’t even a good rumor, but one can always hope.  The republican primary promises to be a throw down between Banks, Lutz, and Senter.  This one could go either way.  Banks has made his share of enemies and currently serves on a board that has the appearance of corruption, but he is a strong campaigner and has the support of the more conservative parts of the county.  Lutz has made the most noise.  He has publicly called for Banks’ head on a platter and with his attack dog votefetterman it promises to be a real thriller.  The Senter guy is new to the stage.  Will be interesting if he stays above the fray and pulls the primary into a runoff.  That will be the best chance that a democratic challenger could have.  Under that scenario, the challenger will be facing two bruised candidates and a republican electorate with voter fatigue. 

Speaking of voter fatigue our area will see an unprecedented number of elections this year.  May 11 is the special election to fill U.S. Congress and the State Senate 49 seat.  The runoff is scheduled for June 8.  There will be a runoff.  Next we have the July 20th primaries to vote on the same two seats as well as Governor and Senate.  It is doubtful that the republicans can avoid a runoff in any of these seats.  Will republicans respect the voice of the May 11 vote, and allow that winner a pass in the primary?  The answer is doubtful!  The runoff will be August 10, 2010.  Voters may get September and October off, but the city of Flowery Branch may schedule to have a special election in September to fill Post 1 seat vacated by Craig Lutz.  Why so late?  Good question!  No good answer.   Will that seat get a runoff?  NO, but if it did the runoff would be in October leading  right up to the November 2 General Election. 

My prediction is that each election will receive lower and lower turnout with the exception of the July 20 and November 2; however, since republicans will go to the poll more than democrats in this area, it is highly likely that we may see some conservative voter fatigue.  This will be good for Lutz, Hawkins, and any democratic challenger out there.