Wanna join the Republican Party? It will take more than a loyalty oath and a long form birth certificate. You might have to also attend the right church or at least the right kind of church. You might need to have a southern drawl and a country twang. And approval from whatever passes for the GateKeepers, Brotherhood of the Pure. And a relative buried in a Confederate Cemetary wearing a CSA belt buckle. Or at least a NASCAR belt buckle.

In Hall County just ask former Sheriff Bob Vass who was tossed by the Hall County GOP with the help of Tommy Sandoval.

For a statewide race, ask Ray Boyd.

Boyd was running for Governor as a Republican. However, Ray wouldn’t sign the loyalty oath.

Boyd said he objected to the loyalty oath, which says the signer pledges allegiance to the GOP, because the party is far from perfect and he wouldn’t swear to always support the party’s actions. He tried for a compromise by producing three variations of the oath, all of which elaborated on the original by declaring his independence from party dogma when appropriate.

Seems fair. We’ve already had a Republican candidate for Governor, Ray McBerry,  refuse to pledge allegiance to the American flag.

Boyd, a commercial real estate broker from Morgan County, burst onto the state’s political scene in March when he created a campaign committee funded entirely by $2 million of his own money. He said he intended to run for governor as a Republican and said the other seven candidates already running were too ethically challenged to serve.

Might it be true that certain Republicans are better than anyone else? Including other Republicans. Meaning, your Republican vote doesn’t count even if your Granddaddy died for the ‘Cause.’