Georgia Politics Unfiltered reports another political suicide in Hall County.

After nearly a decade of running unopposed in the General Election, state Representative James Mills (R – Gainesville) faces his second Democratic opponent in the last four years.

Rumors have it that Michael Parker has a brass pair and it will take that and more against Mills. Mills is well funded and well supported by Georgia Bankers and PACs. He has a nice campaign bank and has always wrapped himself in the American flag, holding a Bible. We can bet that Bank of America will use some of those bailout dollars to keep James Mills working for them.

But what has he done for Gainesville, Oakwood, Flowery Branch, or Hall County? What’s his signature legislation? His political legacy is firmly established as being Republican in a Republican District at a time when a Republican whore couldn’t lose an election.

Parker has to paint Mills with the truth. In Truth, Mills is the government, has been the government for 18 years. And the government is broken.

Only the independent voter can fix that. We hope the independents reject incumbents this fall. It’s about time.