Perhaps Jenkins wasn’t commenting on our humanity just on the importance of having opinions that mirror the real world. Jesse is right. Opinions matter.

“Your opinions count: What issues matter?” asked The Times on Saturday.

I assure you that opinions do count. I have noticed here lately that we haven’t been seeing many. I suppose it is because of the economy. Whatever the case may be, its not helping any not to talk about it.

Judges write opinions all the time. They play a big part in the well-being of our society if they are heeded. The general public also benefits from good opinions. The lack of them will soon show up in society’s well-being.

Society must have the input of its interested parties if it is to fare well. I believe that our newspapers tell us, almost each day, that things cannot be left up to just anybody if you want it to turn out good.

One of the biggest problems we have today is most of the people who are uplifting aren’t concerned or don’t care if something doesn’t directly affect them or a member of their family. Something may not affect me or you today, but in time it will if we are still alive. What about the affect it will have on our children and grandchildren if it is something bad for society? If we really cared in our lifetime, we could have done something about it that would save a lot of heartache and discomfort.

I know that I am not going to live forever on this earth, but I would like to do the best that I can while I live for the future of my children and grandchildren, along with the children and grandchildren of my fellow man.

I must say that good will produce good; it never fails.

Jesse Jenkins