NIMBY is working for political change in South Hall County. If you’ve never meet NIMBY, it stands for Not In My Back Yard! Activismn

NIMBY took a stand against the Flowery Branch annexation along McEver at Gaines Ferry. The annexation went ahead despite NIMBY because the process already had momentum and support. Most of that support coming from city dwellers who want a free ride on personal taxes at the expense of the local quality of life.

The quality of life, according to NIMBY, may soon suffer again from cell phone towers in Hall County. No body wants a cell phone tower in their back yard, subdivision, or blocking the beautiful view from their back porch.

To protect the beautiful view in everyone’s back yard, NIMBY has ‘erected’ an anti-cell tower webpage. A webpage won’t be enough to stop a hideous cell tower. It just might put some political pressure on an issue before the ‘powerful’ sell out your property rights to AT&T.

  It’s an interesting read at

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