When the American’s for Tax Reform say it ain’t!

Since it is an election year and blue dog democrats are poised to pounce on state representatives and senators who voted for the hospital tax, Norquist has decided that H.B. 1055 is not a tax increase because it has a net tax cut.


There is no net tax cut in H.B. 1055.  Most of the people whose taxes are cut in H.B. 1055 are already tax exempt.  The truth is this is the same tax and shift and spend that the republicans have forced down our throats for the last six years. 

First rule of taxes:  If you do not cut spending, you cannot cut taxes.  Don’t  buy the argument that people will spend more if taxes are less.  The republicans would have you believe that less taxes generate higher revenues.  If that argument were true, then Georgia would not be facing a billion dollar shortfall.  If you cut taxes but do not cut spending, you created a tax shift. 

So who gets the shift or the shaft in this case:  Anyone who works for a living and owns property.  The measly .25 mills that the state collects will simply be shifted to local municipalities (reduced QBE funding), and the revenue lost from retirement income tax will have to be absorb elsewhere.  The good news is republicans know that the tax increase will greatly offset the cuts from property tax and retirement income.

I have no problem with giving tax cuts to anyone, but asking others to pay more so that you can pay less is an example of redistribution of wealth.  Whether you are robbing the rich to give to the poor or robbing the poor to give to the rich, Robin Hood is still a crook.