The last three NASA shuttles will retire this year. One of them is coming to a new museum in Georgia.

Several Georgia legislators have introduced bills to create the space cadet museum. Among the early hopefuls have been Representative Mark Hatfield of Waycross. Hatfield’s campaign for the space museum includes a provision that visitors must provide proof of citizenship before pretending to fly the retired shuttle.

Representative Ed Setzler from Cobb County has included a free anti-microchip scan with each visit to his proposed Space Cadet Museum to be built near the old Dobbins AFB. Setzler offered to finance the museum without using the Federal Reserve Banking system. He would name the facility in honor of the Constitution which does not provide a right to healthcare.

Representative Mark Butler from Carrollton would mount the shuttle at West Georgia College if they will hire his girl friend. She used to work for colleges, helped lobby him for an $18 million dollar building, and had nothing to do with any threats towards the college after she was fired. Butler is willing to have the entire Republican Party get ticked off if the shuttle isn’t mounted soon.

As we go to ‘press’ with our state leaders seeking new status as rocket scientists, Sarah Palin is addressing Tea Party concerns about the new race for space over the retiring shuttles. Palin thinks the Tea Party was sold out by NASA when the asking price for a used shuttle was dropped from from $42 million, set in December 2008, to $28.2 million.

“We could have got more in the free market.”

We couldn’t disagree more, Ms. Palin. The free market space program has never been equal to our own space cadet cadre in the Georgia House. Thank you very much.