Yes. How do you know? Simple.

Any one who’s been in a major automobile wreck knows. An ambulance comes. The injured are treated on the scene. The injured are transported to hospitals and the treatment continued. No insurance required. No proof of insurance given. No ‘ability to repay’ judged.

Would you refuse to give first aid at the scene of an accident? If so, you’re an inhuman son of a bitch.

So who would argue against this? Not doctors. Doctors have an ethical standard higher than any other profession. They cannot refuse treatment because a patient cannot pay.

So who would stop an ethical doctor from saving a poor life? Hospitals. Insurance Companies. Attorneys. Might as well add Republicans here. And then healthy, wealthy people with medical insurance.

Cutting to the bone, as it were, the sick or dying have a right to medical care. But only the sick or the dying need medical care. Few healthy, happy people go to the doctor.

So the answer remains. Yes, we have a right to expect the sick to be treated by doctors.

Only the inhuman think differently.