Yes. With every paycheck. With a W-2 each January. With annual payment of my property taxes.

But, why do we get this type of email question each April 15th?

Because some idiot thinks the “FairTax” would give us a receipt … and with a sales tax receipt we would know exactly how much we pay in taxes. WOW!

Let’s put some numbers with that. Let’s say we bought breakfast at a fast food place, some gas at the convenience store, lunch at the corner deli, bread at the grocery store, and a bottle of wine at the package store.

How much did we pay in sales taxes for the year? Not enough information. The only way to know how much we pay in sales taxes for a year would be to save every sales receipt from the 4 or 5 purchases we make everyday and add up the total sales taxes paid.

How about we stick with a paycheck stub every week, a W-2 at the end of the year, and an annual tax form?

Or do we really want to pay sales taxes instead of income taxes? And those sales taxes will include borrowed money, not just our spent income. Are we confused yet? Currently, we’re taxed only on what we make a year. And some idiot thinks we’ll be better off paying a 22% federal sales tax on what we borrow and spend instead of what we earn. Just so we can save sales receipts all year long.

With consumer debt climbing past $2 trillion dollars, that a 2 with 12 zeros behind it, the “FairTax” will be taxing consumer debt. Tax day will be every day of the year. And you’ll  wish April the 15th was just once a year again.

If the FairTax gets to be law…