The good people of Hall County, that excludes all of our elected officials from the right, haven’t had any democratic. with a small D, alternative to the Republican cabal for years.

The current Hall County legislative caucus is all Republican, most of them running for reelection or to replace Nathan Deal . Some of these caucus members ran on the promise of term limits two decades ago. That promise got men like James Mills into power. James will never voluntarily remove himself from office or vote to impose term limits on elected officials.

It’s fair to call him a liar. On a blog. On the street. To his face. Remember, he wasn’t alone in calling for term limits on professional politicians.

Yesterday, Hall County and the 9th Congressional District lost a good candidate for public office, a former minister, retired military officer, and family man, Mike Freeman.

Who will fill this vacuum in the May 11th Special Election that replaces the empty suit known as Nathan Deal in Congress? The Republican candidates offer no difference in management styles or policy, or politics. As expected and as reported in the Times, these men think our healthcare system isn’t broken and doesn’t need to be fixed. They love the tax cutting policies of Ronald Reagan and Reagan’s record spending, government growth, and deeficits. These men also think CEO income is jsutified and that the tax code should be deleted to make CEO taxes more Fair. One of them even said that war has been declared on the United States. That isn’t exactly what Kennedy said, but Kennedy labeled us all as combatants for liberty and freedom. And for a few days one October, Kennedy put us all in nuclear foxholes.

Like James Mills, each of the future Congressman are promising term limits, once elected.

Bull Shit!

There’s only one way to impose a term limit on the politically ambitious, at the polls.

But, if all we have is Same as Above running, are we left with no choices and a vacuum of new ideas?

Let’s hope not.