The Hall County School Board is upset.  It seems that their republican-controlled mistresses has been embezzling some of their profits.

25 Million Dollars in lost revenue!  You have got to be kidding me.  The BOE has laid off almost 150 teachers, threatened to close a Jones Elementary School, dramatically change the learning environment of our high school, and  students, and served teachers with 6 furlough days.  Could $25 million have stopped all of this?  Hell, yeah it could!

My favorite quote came from Phil Sutton:

“I think we need to have stronger state legislation which allows us to get information from the state about the tax collections that are occurring in our jurisdiction.”

You guys have elected the same failed leadership for how many years? If you want stronger state legislation, you are going to have to vote different.  By the way, the democratic leadership tried to fix this problem two years ago.