Don’t start lighting candles for me, yet.  This morning his post, “Was He Disingenuous?” was dead on.

Preston Smith gave a great speech on the floor of the State Senate. I agree with all his points. He hit the right notes.

But I am concerned that conservatives are rallying to embrace him now and should use greater discretion. Based on Smith’s own history in the State Senate, it seems this speech was more designed to save face than stand on principle — damage control in a grand kabuki dance.

I have heard from a number of Republican senators that they were taken aback by his behavior and there is a real rift in the State Senate that he threw his colleagues under the bus after spending a great deal of time as the Judiciary Committee chairman doing roughly what was done to him.

Maybe he is sincere. I hope so. But I am not yet persuaded. I’d be more persuaded, I suppose, if he was not just hurling rocks at his colleagues for going wobbly, but also came up with some suggestions.

Compare Preston to Mitch Seabaugh who also voted no and gave up his seat, but has not taken up the rocks to throw at his colleagues.

Good for them both voting no, but you’ll have to excuse me for thinking that there is more to this grandstanding than all of a sudden finding principles.

Sorry for the long quote, but the last thing you want to do is take Mr. Erickson out of context. 

Now just because I agree, doesn’t mean Mr. Erickson is being genuine either. 

It is a known fact that Preston Smith is one of the most arrogant state senators we have.  Mr. Smith defeated a close friend of mine to win his first term in the General Assembly.  He won this seat with a no holds bar negative (somewhat racist) campaign.  In his speech, he referred to that opponent as being someone in lock step with the leadership.  What Mr. Smith knows is that it was Sen. Marable’s independence that put him into the same tub of hot water that Smith is soaking.  In fact, Mr. Smith if it had not been for the flag issue, you would still be the most popular lawyer in Rome, GA. 

Erickson posted this ingenious article about Mr. Smith because Preston did call Erick first.  In Erickson’s world, it ain’t conservative if he didn’t think of it first.  Smith get in line, and don’t make anymore speeches until Erickson signs off on them.