Just when we joked about Casey Cagle having to start a legal defense fund, the Associated Press releases the details on how Nathan Deal has been paying for his legal problems.

Illegally, it seems.

In four months, starting in November 2009, Nathan deal has paid $37,077 dollars for one of those ‘defense attorneys.’ The kind that get criminals off on a technicality. We’re not saying Nathan Deal is a criminal, just a crook.

But why is Deal using campaign funds for legal defense? Okay, so he’s been congressionally indicted. But why didn’t the Great Man, an attorney, represent himself against the ‘Democratic Witch Hunt?’ Aren’t witch hunts laughable these days or does Deal feel like Congressman routinely abuse their legal powers to get what they want?

Deal didn’t have the personal cash to pay off his legal Dream Team. So in violation of the Georgia campaign laws, Deal spent his state campaign money for federal investigations. Well, a federal investigation into Nathan Deal.

Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. He is allowed to use campaign money for “ordinary and necessary expenses” related to running for state office.

When you’re merely ‘adhering closely to the rules,’ paying out $37,000 for a lawyer to make a 2 1/2 hour meeting in Washington is necessary and universal.

Sounds like Deal also over paid his legal help. Unless he got a lot more than just one meeting.