The Republican Party has been doing a great service to the Democratic Party during the past few years.

Dick Cheney shot a lawyer in a hunting while under the influence crime.

Ex-Speaker Richardson had sex while being lobbied, a mis’d the wedding vow crime.

Then, the GOP helped cover up the marital perversions until the ex-wife went public and verified that the Religious Right does do the missionary position when away from home.

Now the GOP wants to impeach Thurbert Baker, our Attorney General. Well done, Men.

The Attorney General was asked for a legal opinion, specifically, does the State of Georgia have a legal right to sue the federal government for reforming healthcare.

After a review of law it seems that not only does Georgia not have the money for a fight to the Supreme Court, Georgia doesn’t have a legal basis for winning such a fight.

Several states are going to fight through the Courts to stop federal reforms. The fight isn’t much more than a political smoke screen during an election year.

With our state facing a $750 million dollar deficit, taxing the sick, and cutting education, we have no money to provide political welfare for Republican incumbents. And we don’t have a legal basis for any court action. And, we can let the other idiot states fight progress for free.

If the incumbents want to make some political statements about healthcare reform, let them get some money from insurance companies, lawyers, and private investigators.

Politicians who want to represent a very narrow faction should get their campaign money from those special interests.

That might not be the ‘American Way’ but it used to be the political way.

Let’s hope more government employees just say no when incumbent politicians ask to use tax dollars for special interst campaigns.