This is a shout out to our old friend Eric Gray!

Seems the NYTimes decided to quote someone with sense in Georgia and asked old Eric about Nathan Deal’s chances in the Governor’s race.  His response:

Eric Gray, a spokesman for the Georgia Democratic Party, predicted that the report would destroy Mr. Deal’s candidacy. “It tanks it,” Mr. Gray said. “Deal has been in office for nearly two decades. He knows better.”

Mr. Gray prognostication is spot on.  Though 90% of ninth district republicans who can tie their shoes believe this to be a politically motivated witch hunt, the rest of Georgia can smell a crook. 

The idea that Deal only make 75,000 dollars a year on this multi-million dollar business means that Nathan is either the world’s worst business person or the Bernie Madoff of the U.S. Congress.  The latter is probably true. 

Of course, the weasel James Mills put his mouth where his nose has been (right up against Nathan Deal’s ass) and said yesterday on WDUN that he fully supports Nathan Deal and knows there was no cover up.

The bigger question that has yet to be ask in this story is whether James Mills or Nathan Deal are in fact American citizens.  Have any of you ever seen their official Georgia Birth Certificate?