The good news? Here’s some. Only half the banks that failed this week were in Georgia! Whew! We’re in the lead among all the states for banking failures with 37 banks collapsing since 2008. Not bad if you only have 300 banks in the state.

How much is this costing us? Just about $190 million dollars. Who pays? Not James Mills. He doesn’t have any money in banks or support from banking interests. He’s just the legislative man in charge of our state banks.

Remember what he said just a few weeks ago? The federal government is causing bank failures. Only 37 in Georgia. See the pattern, James? It’s a witch hunt to persecute you.

Georgia bank failures have cost the taxpayers of the USA more than a billion dollars.

If James Mills were the school crossing guard, 10 percent of our kids would be dead. But, … James could blame the cars, couldn’t he? And he would.