A classic chestnut from the former Hall County GOP head:

The Commission urged passage of SPLOST IV in part to purchase property to put a library in Clermont.  SPLOST VI narrowly passed.  Now the Commission is going to leave the property fallow in Clermont and put the library in the boondocks.  So has the Commission opened up themselves to another lawsuit over a broken promise?  No matter the promise, now is not the time to build a new anything except on an emergency basis.

Next time vote NO for any SPLOST or any other tax.  The only way to limit government is to limit government income.  The more they have, the more they want.

First, SPLOST didn’t “narrowly pass”. It was a freaking landslide with 62% of the vote. Stanley’s shoddy research makes one wonder about his legal skillz.

Secondly, I am darn near POSITIVE that Stanley advocated the latest SPLOST. It won in a landslide, and this county is overwhelming Republican. So, if he felt so strongly against the SPLOST, why didn’t he say something when it mattered?