For a party that has campaign for the last decade on the issue of ending frivolous lawsuits, this sure seems frivolous.

Perdue, in one last gasp for relevance, has asked Thurbert Baker to sue over the healthcare bill.  Baker’s response was that it would be a frivolous lawsuit.  When asked if this was about Baker being a democrat, John Boehner replied “Hell, yes!”  Which makes this the first time Boehner has said yes in over 2 years. 

Okay, sure it was a political decision on Baker’s part; however, he is right.  Just how many lawsuits does one need.  Supposedly 13 states have filed suit over the issue.  Do we really need 14?  It only took 13 to overthrow the British Crown, but when you are doing something as assonine as trying to repeal healthcare then maybe you will need more help. 

Come on guys, you lost the fight.  Move on to something else.  This is tantamount to the sports team that claims the only reason they get beat week after week is because the other teams are cheating.   Either play ball or go home!