The Governor wasted no time issuing his writ for a special election to fill the vacancy of the Ninth District US congressional seat.  It will be held on April 27, 2010. 

Not sure of all the candidates that will be on the ballot, but republicans Lee Hawkins and Tom Graves as well as democrat Mike Freeman will qualify.  By state law those members of the General Assembly who run will automatically resign when qualifying begins next week.  Tom Graves will resign today.  Will Hawkins resign as well?

How many people will we see resign to run for this seat?  What about their constitutional duty to represent the people in this year legislative session?  The earliest those people could be replaced is April 27, 2010.  By that date the General Assembly should be out of session, meaning that the people from those districts will get no say about the state budget and many other legislative acts. 

There is a remedy for this situation, and it would kill two birds with one stone.  The leadership should suspend the session after crossover day and resume the session on June 1st. 

What two birds would this kill?  First, it would allow a full General Assembly to vote on the final bills and the budget.  It would also allow a better idea of revenue figures for next year.