Just a little too personal for a good blog entry, but I’m going to rant on a personal level.

Two of my co-workers ‘jumped’ on me this morning because “Obama did it! He just bankrupted the entire nation. It’s over.”

Well, if it’s over, why bring it to my attention? Until you have the “I told you so” moment when health care reform causes default, SHUT UP!

Then in the first meeting of the day, I got the ‘real insider dope’ type speech on why Obama is going to get shot. By Blacks.

I don’t know quite how to phrase this people. People who scream and yell don’t get my pity. If that’s even what they want from me. The two angry white males with big mouths talking about the upcoming Black on Black lynching don’t even know my name. Gee whiz guys. Let me get my butcher knife out before assuming I like blood and guts. As if I carry a butcher’s knife to company meetings. Or a white sheet.

I’ve been hearing the end of the world predictions since November. The end of our way of life. The end of Obama’s life. End of gun rights. etc etc etc …

All of you’all can shut up until it happens. Then you can SHOUT, “I told you so!”

Until the real crisis hits, keep your voice down in the work place.