March 2009: Teachers may face up to 6 days of furloughs.  July 2009: Governor calls for three furloughs days for state teachers and state employees.

February:  The Board of Regents needs to cut $600 million more. Tuition may increase by 70%.  March:  Cuts to Board of Regents are down to $300 million.

To the public it seems that our leaders are solving problems to serious issues.  In real life the arsonist fire chief is getting credit for putting out a record number of fires. 

By the way, ever wondered how they are suddenly saving us from the apocalyptic cuts they have announced….

They are borrowing it from next year.  Proposed deficit for next fiscal year:  2.5 billion dollars.  That is billion with a B or nine zeros for you private and home school students.

So what is all of this about.  It is a new form of election year politics.  Legislators must cut something or raise taxes to get the state out of this financial crisis.  It is hard to do that during an election year, so the cover will look like this:

Challenger:  Isn’t it true that you voted to cut higher education spending, causing 100’s of students to face higher tuition cost and eliminating important classes at our state universities?

Incumbent:  Well the truth is I saved our higher education from drastic cuts.  If you will remember the cut to higher education were proposed at 600 million, but with my leadership, we were able to cut that amount so that we did not adversely affect students.  Here is what I have done for the students of Georgia.  We saved the Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant for private school students.

Sounds like spend to me, but I bet you it will work.