The mock horror about Nancy Pelosi’s legislative short cuts is over under the Gold Dome.

Perdue, just like Pelosi, is cutting out the Legislature on the budget and taxes. And now going one step farther by putting himself back into creation of bills.

Perdue appointed himself to a panel on taxes. Our soon to be ex-Governor will join with ex-Governor Zell Miller on the panel.

The panels would completely bypass the regular legislative process. The outside panel would make a recommendation to a special committee of legislators who would then draw up a bill and move it straight to the floor – taking the unusual step of avoiding the regular legislative committee process.

Ah the transparency of Georgia’s government. Two former Governors and some yet to be appointed talking heads are going to make sweeping changes to your tax system. You didn’t vote for them. You can’t vote for them.  And you can’t vote on their changes. Democracy in action!

Before we celebrate the reinvention of government, let’s review the last brilliant ‘tax’ idea from under the Gold Dome.

Ex-Speaker Richardson wanted to do away with all property taxes. Without property taxes, our local and county governments would be completely dependent on … sales tax receipts. Imagine if that change had been forced through the Legislature in 2007 just before the biggest, deepest, and longest Recession since 1929?

We can just drive around South Hall and read all the For Rent signs. People and jobs are gone. Businesses are gone. The Legislature is tracking ‘missing’ sales tax payments by ‘businesses.’