This just in from the “I don’t believe that could happen in Politics’ hot line.

A ‘Republican candidate for Governor’ has refused to salute the “federal flag” and pledged to fight for “the Cause.”

as a Georgian who cherishes the constitutional Republic given to us by our Founding Fathers and wishes to see it restored, I choose to salute the Georgia flag and the original Betsy Ross American flag instead of the current federal flag And remain your servant in the Cause.

There’s a emergency. Another politician swallowed his foot. Unless the South is rising again against federalism. Wasn’t and isn’t that the general meaning of the Cause in historical and Southern political terms? The Southern Cause a just uprising against a strong central government and a just cause fighting for State’s Rights?

Let’s hope that Cause is dead, buried, and remembered only for its heroes.

Links for the Cause, once called the Lost Cause by Lt. Gen. Jubal A. Early, writing for the Southern Historical Society.

The Confederate Cause

West Virgina Historical Society

Link to PeachPundit post on McBerry refusing to salute the ‘federalist’ flag. And just for kicks, a link to SWGA Politics on McBerry’s suspended teaching license.

And the GOP complains about liberal nuts …