Checking the headlines this morning, it seems Tom Oliver remains the County Commission Chair. His Chair will need to be filled. That’s just a matter of when. When the time comes and it will be soon, who’s manipulating behind the scenes for the seat?

Let’s start with the usual suspects. Out of Flowery Branch we have Fetterman and Lutz, a political tag team. Lutz is running for the 1st District seat, held by incumbent Bobby Bonds. claims to be running to fix the disfunctional Hall County Commission. The Commission is broken and Oliver broke it so why not run for Commission Chair? Time will tell how far Lutz will go with his life long ambitions.

We have a suggestion for Fetterman and Lutz. We want to plant the seeds of a Presidential Campaign for 2011. The field is wide open. It will be a fight for an occupied seat. But no one else has ever tried to get elected in a non-election year. What better way to show initiative and leadership? Not to mention innovation! And by running for President in 2011, they will have time tp break new ground by getting elected County Commission Chair and Co-Chair. Anything that will get them out of Flowery Branch.

Tom Oliver, Craig Lutz, Chris Fetterman, men of ambition, determination, and an unparalleled vision for change we can believe in.