He’s no Steve Austin and we don’t have the technology to rebuild him. That’s if we want to make him better. Maybe.

The Gainesville Times had an online story about the Nathan and the cost of a special election. The story is now gone. [Ops! It was never a story. Just an opinion piece. Thanks for the correction.]

Without the story, the costs will be the same. There are 13 counties in Congressman Deal’s 9th District. At $60,000 per county, the total won’t hit a Million Dollars. Just $750,000. Hall County might have the highest costs or it might be Forsyth. Who knows.

We do know that not one county in the 9th District has the money to hire, train, and staff for a special election.

In an election system with ‘one man … one vote,’ we should have ‘one man … one office at a time.’

Our thanks to Nathan Deal.