Something from the national news today via an AP exclusive report.

For the pro-gun crowd, the Pentagon shooter had a history of mental illness and two guns. At least one of the 9mm pistols had been confiscated by police. The AP story has the details but Tennessee police had seized a gun during a crime or criminal investigation. Instead of destroying the gun, the police sold it. Selling confiscated guns is policy and no harm was meant. We don’t know who bought the gun. Hopefully not one of the police officers.

We don’t know who sold it to a mental patient. Or why.

We just know the 9mm pistol is a weapon of choice for criminals, school shooters, and work place murder. More interesting is the gun moving from Tennessee to Washington, DC. and shooting two ‘law enforcement actors’ who ‘serve and protect’ the public.

Maybe it’s time to start a ‘one time and out’ law for guns. One illegal use is one too many.