The Gainesville Times reports that another great Republican idea has been washed away by … well, the Republicans. Flowery Branch has this great downtown revitalization ideal. Using a ‘tax allocation district,’ the city is ‘funding’ a huge ‘private industry developement called Old Town Flowery Branch. Although the Flowery Branch Mayor ‘expects’ the project to start on time, she hasn’t spoken to the developer.


Here’s a $15 million dollar project complete with an extension of Pine Street running parallel to Main Street and consisting of shops, cafes, townhomes and a parking garage on nearly three acres. And no one has been watching the project, just waiting for the ground to break open. Hmmmmm.

How much in school taxes were diverted by the Flowery Branch City Council to ‘fund’ the start up of this project? Half a million? A million?

And the town’s mayor hasn’t bothered to liaison with anyone involved with the project????????????

There’s a $15 million dollar ‘shovel ready’ private industry project that will boast the economy and it’s dying on the drawing board. All because the government was asleep at the wheel. And all the government in Hall County is Republican.

Stayed tuned as the Hall County Republicans blame Obama and the Democrats for this fiasco.