Rumor has it that County Commission Chair, Tom Oliver, will resign today.

According to the Times, Oliver has paid $75,900 to a consultant who only provides verbal reports and reported only to Oliver. Oliver is facing a recall petition, probable GBI investigation, and possible FBI investigations.

An open records request from The Times for all communications and documents between the county and Cox produced only the monthly invoices since February 2006 from Cox’s Omega Consulting — no contract, no reports, no correspondence.

Maybe Oliver will pull the Real Deal resignation trick. Remember how Nathan Deal handled the federal ethics investigation? Deal announced a resignation from Congress, which ended the ethics investigation. Once that went away, Deal de-announced his resignation.

So watch the meeting tonight, either in person or live on cable. Will Oliver spare our government a lengthy criminal investigation? Has he already cut a behind the scenes immunity deal for a resignation?

Stay tuned to the Reality Show, Tom Olivers House.