Dear Mr. Senter;

You must be a good man to run for public office at a time like this. Or, an idiot.

Your idea that County Commissioners need a slush fund is shocking, especially thousands of dollars! GE, a multi-national company gives authorized employees a credit card for ‘petty cash.’ An expenditure of over $200 locks the card down. No more spending!

Plus the card has to be reconciled every month. If any expense on the card is rejected or doesn’t have a receipt, guess who pays?

Think again. If the county allows employees at any level to spend $5,000 without prior supervisory approval, every employee will spend $4,999.99 as often as possible.

Thanks but no thanks.

Legally, the Commissioners have no legal right to spend any money for any reason without a vote. Let’s keep it that way.

Meanwhile, if you really want to serve ‘the people,’ advocate for controls, not spending limits.

Mad Dog