Many years ago, Lincoln said that most people are just about as happy as they want to be.

President Reagan modified that a little bit to let us all know that homeless people are homeless because they want to be homeless.

Now Tom Delay gets in on the “I’m as smart as Abe Lincoln act” with his reply to this question, “People are unemployed because they want to be?”

Yeah, people are unemployed because they want to be unemployed. “That’s the truth.”

Lincoln might have been right. People pursue happiness until they find enough. Some people never stop looking for more. Some never seem to find any. But most of us can find a huge degree of happiness in family or other social institutions like church and friends, just to name a couple sources of lasting happiness.

Reagan radically twisted Lincoln’s meaning when he said the homeless got exactly what they wanted out of life. Homelessness.

And Delay twisted Lincoln’s thinking further with his ‘truth.’ Helping the unemployed with federal assistance, he said, was unsound policy.

Here’s a truth for Reagan, Tom Delay, and every Republican. People become unemployed when they lose their jobs. And we lose our jobs for lots of reasons beyond our control. And in Georgia, we lose our homes without the right to fair trial.

So if Reagan and the Republicans want to say that women who get raped were asking for it. Let them take some personal responsibility for it. That fits in with the whole thing about you get exactly what you deserve in life and the government shouldn’t be in the justice business.