Speaker of the Georgia House, ops … EX-Speaker of the Georgia House, Glenn Richardson got caught with his pants down while in office. Or near his office. Or in the office of a lobbyist. His sexual indiscretion became common knowledge for every elected Republican and every Democrat. A Democrat filed a complain with the ethic watchdogs. The watch dogs refused to watch until Richardson’s wife went on TV and exposed her “ex-husband” as a male slut.

Now another male slut is taking Richardson’s place in the Georgia House of Representatives. Daniel Stout, a sexual pervert without peer, is now one of Paulding County’s GOP state representatives. Stout slept with his mother-in-law. Well, we all know they didn’t sleep a wink. Like Richardson, Stout’s wife felt the perversion a form of marital violation, if not a personal violaltion, and dumped the male slut.

Now we’ll have another new perversion in the bars around the Gold Dome and wherever Republicans gather.

“Give me a Stout!”

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