Shades of John Kerry. Only Kerry was taller and a serious contender for President at the time.

This time Nathan Deal can’t make up his mind about staying or leaving. He says, I’m leaving Congress because it’s in the best interest of Georgia. And Georgia needs leadership in the Governor’s office. (and especially a new leader in the 2010 Governor’s Race.)

Then, some of the others in the Governor’s Race ridicule Congressman Deal’s decision. Unable to ‘Handel’ the ridicule, Deal re-announces his non-retirement from Washington politics. Until he resigns again.

Oh but the cowardly way out for Deal was to blame Sonny Perdue!

Deal issued a statement that ‘said Gov. Sonny Perdue had “strongly encouraged” Deal to stay in Congress. But Bert Brantley, Perdue’s spokesman, said no such encouragement occurred.’

Well, let’s not say that Deal lied or put the words in Perdue’s mouth. Let’s be kind to the future Ex-Congressman.

When Deal said the ‘governor’ wanted him to stay in Congress, Deal was speaking as if he were already ‘Governor of Georgia.’

When you’ve been in Washington as long as Congressman Nathan Deal, being a two-faced liar is just second nature.