Mr. Lutz,

On your personal blog, you said on February 5th, that “the city took the expense to mail out letters to over 300 residents in the area.” These letters were connected to the annexation issues at Gaines Ferry and McEver Roads.

An Open Records Act (ORA) request was filed with the city and clearly handled within the scope of ORA. The mailing list was requested and furnished. There’s not over 300 names of residents on the list. There’s not even 50 on the legal response from the city.

So tell us all, Council Member Craig Lutz, why are you claiming to have sent “over 300” letters to residents when in fact, the city says you’re a liar or badly misinformed.

So here’s your chance to be that Great Communicat0r. Tell us all how ‘less than 50’ is exactly the same as “over 300.”

You’re got the floor. The clock is running.

“The Left”

2 pm

March 4th