There’s some new slang in town. Instead of a ‘whipping boy,’ we now say, One Giant Pinata! As in, “Goldman Sachs is one giant pinata to whack!”

That’s the quote from the Wall Street Journal about Goldman Sachs. Goldman has been the ‘poster child’ for ‘economic weapons of mass destruction.’ Now we get to talk about them hanging in a tree as a target for every blindfolded kid at the party.

Seriously? Goldman Sachs is making some money or … making some ‘coin’ for more slang. Despite making a lot of coin from a Government Bailout, the CEOs want stock holders to know something.

Our stock isn’t worth as much as it should be because the media doesn’t like us anymore.

News flash! Even Republicans don’t like bankers that took the bailout, then make a record profit without loaning money to the mom and pop operations that ‘need cash now.’  Rolling Stone called the company a “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity.” Now that was original work! Wasn’t borrowed from a scifi movie called Alien with Sigourney Weaver.

Nope. While the real world recognized the evil being done by Goldman, Goldman’s Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein said the company was “doing God’s work.”

Blankfein’s idea of ‘God’s Work’ doesn’t include investigating “excessive compensation and take steps to recoup some of the awards given to executives.”

God’s Work generated $15 billion dollars in bonus pay. Nice coin. Here’s a nice video clip on that coin.

Without the bailout money, Goldman Sachs and all of its employees would be getting paid with real welfare checks instead of fake ‘bonus’ checks.

The great vampire octopus wrapped around the face of Lady Justice sucking fairness from her heart.

“If I had the command of every epitaph written by man, none of them would be enough to curse you to Hell and beyond.”