In the Commissioners race for District 1, we have the incumbent, Bobby Banks running for re-election. Then, current Flowery Branch City Council member Craig Lutz non-announced his candidacy until he did announce. Kimbo Senter recently announced as a candidate in that race. That made three.

Some angry homeowners along Gaines Ferry and McEver have been looking for a White Horse to run as a spoiler for Craig Lutz. The rumor first started out as ‘we’re looking for someone from the TeaParty to run.’

But, after the TeaParty Convention, no one knows or ever knew the platform for the TeaParty. So, the search for a White Horse continued.

Now a new movement has been drafting Mike Parker to run. Mike made the infamous Coca-Cola comment at the Council meeting some weeks ago. His angry manner may work perfectly to polarize voters in the District.  With the certainty of mud slinging between Lutz and Parker, Senter or Banks could cross the line first.

While Parker mulls the odds of muddy waters, we don’t know if he will run as a neo-con, Ne0-Lib, TeaParty go’er, or a godless Communist. We’re not sure if the GOP will allow him as a candidate. Just think back to the Clerk of the Court race and Bob Vass.

Those who remember know that Bob Vass took the GOP Loyalty Oath, paid his fees to the Party, and legally qualified to be on the ballot for the clerks office. Then, the County GOP, just before election day, disqualified him as a Republican Candidate. It seems Mr. Vass had at least once voted Democrat in a primary.

So Parker would be well advised not to run on the GOP ticket even if he is a Republican voter. The local party sucks that badly.

So will the Democrats want him on the ballot? Is there a Hall County Democratic Party and do they recruit candidates?

So how about a run as an Independent? A Write In Candidacy?

Even as this is being composed, a rumor has come in that Fetterman will enter the race, trying to split the vote further. He’s the Sweet Tea Party candidate, endorsed by the Sterling on the Lake Tennis Club. Just kidding.

Best of luck to anyone considering becoming labeled as a politician these days.