Residents near Flowery Branch know exactly how homeowners feel in Woodstock.

“A Honda dealer wants the city of Woodstock to annex three homes in a bordering subdivision so it can buy them and turn the land into a parking lot.”

Wow! And if the city won’t ‘give up’ the land? The Dealership will close down and move to Cobb County.

That does sound like the inmates running the institution, the institution being city government.

A business can’t vote, can’t be drafted, and has more legal and Constitutional protections than homeless people. Yet, a business can tell government what to do. Homeowners, citizens, and voters can’t force government to even tell the truth.

That brings us back to Flowery Branch. Let’s repeat what we’ve covered in another post. The City of Flowery Branch did not mail 300 letters to local homeowners to smooth over the annexation at Gaines Ferry and McEver Road. The people who put that in writing on their blog on February 15th lied. They also lied when making statements to homeowners, saying ‘We want your input.”

Just like in Woodstock, a business went to the city. Annex this business property into the city. Change the zoning to allow factories and big trucks. Or, we’ll take our toys and leave.

When will the GOP give humans as many ‘rights’ as businesses?