The final kiss good bye won’t come until the primary, but Former Representative Nathan Deal has made 314,000,000 people happy. He resigned from Congress after parts of three decades of dead weight.

Mr. Deal as a Congressman has been like a 10 pound bag of dog food being carried on the back of a Korean female figure skater in the 2010 Olympics. Yeah, the skater can still perform but nothing fancy. And that is the REal DEal for Nathan Deal. He showed up and asked questions like, “Have you ever seen Obama’s birth certificate?” Not nearly as racist as coming right out and saying, “He don’t even know who his father really is!”

Is it racist to ask if Obama has a birth certificate? The first time it was asked, No. Once the issue was settled by Hawaii, Yes. There no longer was any rational excuse to continue questioning the President’s lineage . He has a mother, a father, and a birth certificate from one of the 50 States.

What the hell else did Deal want to know? Nothing. He just wanted to keep hitting the racist point that black children never really know their daddies. And that ‘the mothers never know who really fathered those welfare brats.’

When will the racist pandering ever stop for white males from Nathan Deal’s generation? Never. As long as those geezers are still breathers, they’ll be birthers.

It’s a shame Hall County will someday offer this great man a six foot deep plot of real estate for a resting place.