Remember when Newt Gingrich had to pay a $300,000 fine for his ethics violations while Speaker of the House? The GOP doesn’t remember that of Newt wouldn’t be poster boy for the new GOP.

Remember when former Georgia State Speaker of the House, Glenn Richardson, finally confessed to ‘having an in appropriate relationship’ with a sexy blonde lobbyist? GOP voters didn’t remember that. Allegedly, Richardson’s replacement had a ‘sexual relationship’ with his mother-in-law. Which caused a divorce!

The House Ethics Committee has ruled that Congressman Rangel violated ethics rules when taking ‘pre-paid’ vacations. And, the current NY Governor Patterson has withdrawn from a reelection bid after criticism for “his handling of a domestic abuse case involving one of his most trusted aides.”

So the Democrats are policing themselves, part of the change promises of Obama.

Now, what about more local politics? It’s been alleged that Flowery Branch City Council member Craig Lutz has lied to homeowners in South Hall.

Will the Hall County Republican Party handle this allegation? Nope.

Will the Flowery Branch Mayor review the ORA request and response against the public blog statements of Lutz?

Don’t count on it. Expect the City Council Retreat this weekend to avoid any ethical dilemmas. Especially an allegation that can only prove either Lutz is a liar or the City Clerk has violated the law. Or, maybe just made a mistake. Like Hell.