Old news. The GOP voted against it before they spent it. The stimulus that is.

Coming today to the Gainesville Area, more Red Rabbit Rides courtesy of the Democratic Congress and the Obama Man. The Gainesville bus system, aka the Red Rabbit, will take college students as riders starting today.

The expansion includes two new routes, thanks to new buses mostly paid for by the Federal Transportation Administration and the state Department of Transportation.

Janice Crow, general manager of Hall Area Transit, said she expects the expansion will increase ridership since it will cater to students in the community who, for years, have requested service at local colleges.

It’s cheaper than another parking deck project, isn’t it? And it will serve up about 150,000 rides per year. None of them as free as the GOP’s version of “Freedom Riders.” When only 6 percent of American think the stimulus is creating jobs, Republicans had this to say: “would create approximately 3,500 jobs in the local community;”… “a catalyst for the potential creation of almost 30,000 jobs;” …“is expected to create 5,789 new jobs in the I-73 corridor region;” … “is vital to the economic health of North Central Indiana;” … “will create jobs in the region and improve the quality of life for North Texans;” …

So why vote against federal budget deficits and then spend the money? It is a political free ride. The stimulus was going to pass no matter what the minority party did or said. So the minority party took the money, regurgitated the usual hate speech about government give-a-ways. But, then they started the back room wheeling and dealing, asking for a free ride.

“It’s the original sin of Washington — it’s hypocrisy” said former Republican Senator Alan Simpson. Here’s a few samples of Republican hypocrisy from Bloomberg.com.

Meanwhile, enjoy the intangible wealth being created by the emergency spending done to save us all from standing in soup lines and riding in the back of the economic bus.