Would you like to pay more for sewer service just so a handful of people pay less?

There’s another free ride coming. When Sterling on the Lake was proposed, the builder wanted postage stamp sized lots, too small for septic systems. Without postage stamps for yards, the builder couldn’t make ‘enough’ money. So, the builder got his cut, the  buyers got  private sewer, and everyone was happy.

It’s unclear when the whining and crying started. Was it when the GOP started cutting the state budget and revoked money for property tax relief? Was it when the builder went bankrupt? When Hall County bailed out the private citizens by purchasing the private sewer system? Or was the it the burden of paying that monthly house payment of $2,000 and up?

Like it’s been said before, the homeowners didn’t have the cash to buy the water treatment plant. And they don’t have $41 a month for sewer. So don’t make the rest of the county support you.

No free ride for Sterling on the Lake. If you can’t afford to live there, Delta is having a sale on one way air fare.