The Governors race is heating up and some insiders are calling on John Oxendine to withdraw from the race for the ‘good of the Republican Party.’

John Oxendine, or the OX, is the state Insurance Commissioner. He’s the classic ‘you either love him or hate him’ politician. And he has the ambition that comes from being hated.

He’s been threatening to investigate a failed insurance company with huge political purse strings. Ops! That once had huge political purse strings. When the strings were being pulled even Governor Perdue would jump on the private plane for an all expenses paid trip. That trip included private access to the GOP Governor, plenty of good sipping whiskey, and fine companionship.

So if the corruption side of the story is true, that an insurance company had a bunch of GOP party goers on the hook, why the calls for Oxendine to drop out of the race?

He’s being run out for exposing corruption? No. He’s being run out of the race for exposing wide spread Republican corruption.

Just say former Speaker Glenn Richardson. Or common knowledge, Eric Johnson, and the State Ethics Commission.